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European Day of Social Economy Enterprises – Strasbourg November 27th 2019

ESSFI closed the SSE month by participating on November 27th in Strasbourg in the fourth edition of the European Day of Social Enterprises co-organized by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Strasbourg European Capital of SSE for the year 2019, and the Ministry for Ecological and Solidarity Transition.

To explore the theme of this 4th edition “Social Economy: engaging territories and civil society“, three workshops took place during the day: “The Social Market Economy of the EU: what role for Social Economy enterprises? “Pact for Impact: What commitments for Europe? “and “The social economy as a driving force for the co-construction of ecological transition in cities and regions: why is the European dimension essential? ».

The participatory workshops gave rise to debates and ideas converging towards the creation of SSE ecosystems, the diffusion of the model and its change of scale: blockchain, social innovation and new technologies, role of platforms in world events (in particular the 2024 Olympics), pollination of traditional companies etc… The recommendations resulting from the workshops fed into the new Strasbourg Declaration. Spain, which is taking over the chairmanship of the group from France, has affirmed its commitment and determination to keep this Monitoring Committee alive and to extend its influence to other continents.

The day ended with the presentation of the process of designation of the future European capitals proposed by Strasbourg, and the delivery of the Strasbourg Declaration to the European Commission, in the person of Nicolas Schmit, Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights.

Find the program of this meeting here.