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Meeting of the Expert Group on Social Economy and Social Enterprises (GECES) – Brussels October 22nd 2019


On October 22nd, ESSFI, observing member of the Group of Experts on Social Economy and Social Entreprises (GECES) participated in the annual meeting in Brussels.

The opportunity to meet European social economy actors, to exchange with the representatives of the member states, to take part in the work and structuring exchanges on the importance of SSE, its role and its place for a fair and united Europe.

The annual report presented shows the progress made in each of the GECES’ areas of work. Access to funding and markets, the international dimension of the issues at stake and the implementation of an adequate legal framework for social enterprises, but also the social, technological and economic innovations that the working groups create.

Various reports and studies were presented during the day.

Among them, the one on cooperation between social economy enterprises and traditional enterprises, and the mapping of social enterprises in Europe.

These two documents, like all the presentations and work transmitted during this meeting, demonstrate the importance of cooperation between states and between stakeholders. Ensuring a circulation of good practices in a co-construction perspective, sharing and planning an efficient communication in order to increase the influence of SSE, carrying the unanimous conviction that a mobilisation of all is necessary: these are all recommendations of the GECES in order to have SSE recognised as an indispensable component and a major asset for the economic and social development of Europe.

Nicolas Schmit, Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, recalled during his hearing before the European Parliament that a sustainable Europe is a Europe that gives pride of place to the social and inclusive dimension of its policies. Following his lead, Ulla Engelmann, Head of the unit Advanced Technologies, Clusters and Social Economy, stressed the importance of European Social Economy Regions (ESER)as a tool for European local and regional authorities to create networks where SSE is discussed and co-constructed. For the next edition, registrations are open until 31 January 2020.

The meeting closed with the announcement by the European Commission of the organisation of the European Social Economy Summit on November 26 and 27 2020 in Mannheim. We are looking forward to this great event!

To read the minutes of the GECES meeting, click here.