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Seminar on Statistics for the Social and Solidarity Economy – Brussels, November 4th 2019

On November 4th, at the beginning of the SSE month, Brussels hosted a meeting of great importance for the social and solidarity economy. ESSFI, an observer member of the UN Inter-Agency Task Force on SSE (UNTFSSE) participated in a seminar co-organized by the United Nations Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) and Social Economy Europe. This seminar brought together research institutes (CIRIEC, EUROSTAT), cooperatives (ICA), governments and organisations working on SSE and deployed the fields offered by satellite accounts and statistics to the social and solidarity economy.

The day provided an opportunity to demonstrate the fundamental role played by quantitative measurement for a factual recognition of the contribution of SSE to the economy and its transformation. The relevance of statistics to diversify and deepen public policies for SSE was also demonstrated. Portugal is one of the few governments that since 2010 publishes every three years the Social Economy Satellite Account (SESA), through the National Institute of Statistics, carrying out an in-depth assessment of the characteristics and impact of the social economy. An example that should inspire lines.

In addition, Alain Coheur, Co-Chairman of ESSFI and Vice-Chairman of Social Economy Europe, introduced the day’s proceedings. He stressed the need for the establishment of a legal framework for SSE enterprises and organizations in order to enhance their recognition and role in society. As a follow-up to this meeting on November 4th, he signed on behalf of ESSFI and alongside many organizations the Montreal Declaration on Social Impact Assessment: “Social impact assessment presents identity issues for the future of the social economy. The SSE must take these steps to do more and better while reaffirming its project of economic democratization. The Montreal Declaration states this loud and clear, and that is why ESS International Forum is happy to endorse it.

In order to develop the achievements and deploy the potential of SSE, the definition of perimeters and measurements are essential. To this end, mutualisation, sharing of good practices and methodological rigour play a key role. So let’s continue to gather and exchange!

The documents and information available on this day are here.