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SOS MEDITERRANEE – The Aquarius is heading back to sea

Immobilized in Marseille’s harbour since June 30th,  the Aquarius prepares to heading back to the Mediterranean Sea and to take again its mission of rescue.

The teams made profitable these weeks of stop to proceed to important improvements on board and to readjust the operational strategy of S.O.S MEDITERRANEE. Although carried by an exceptional support of the European civil society, the Aquarius remains one of the last active humane ships in the Mediterranean Sea, and operates in a context increasingly more dubious.
Today, on August 1st, 2018, 500 personalities signed a declaration denouncing the current humane catastrophe and called to support its return, a boat which saved nearly 30,000 lives in 2 years and half of operation in the Mediterranean Sea.

ESS International forum supports this splendid approach of solidarity, responsibility and effectiveness and is also #OnboardAquarius.

The complete list of signers is availaible here : Signers Open Letter