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INAISE 2018 Conference: Social and Solidarity Finance and Emergence of Continents

The concept of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) has mainly been developed in Europe and North America. Nevertheless, ESS is present on all continents. Although there are regional specificities, the SSE worldwide represents organizations that serve a social purpose rather than a profit.

As a global network dedicated to social and solidarity finance, INAISE, an active member of SSE International Forum, brings together pioneering and historical actors in the sector who support sustainable development, the social and solidarity economy and rural development.

This year, INAISE’s international conference is taking place in Dakar, Senegal where the government has shown an interest in the issue of SSE with the creation at the end of 2017 of a Ministry of Solidarity Economy and Microfinance. There is also an emergence African but also other continents that take their place in this global social economy. In this context, what role does social and solidarity finance plays?

To answer this questioning, the conference will be articulated through the following four axes:

  • Axis 1: Financing Mechanisms of the Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Axis 2: Intercontinental Experiences: What can we learn from each other?
  • Axis 3: Financial tools to support agriculture and women’s entrepreneurship
  • Axis 4: Innovative forms of financing

As part of the work conducted on behalf of the International Leading Group on Social and Solidarity Economy, SSE International Forum will take part and intervene to the conference. Thus, the subject of financing for SSE will be raised by Prof. Abdou Salam Fall, the representative of the association’s scientific committee.

Information and preliminary program: