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APES-Togo and FEDERCASSE join forces for cooperative entrepreneurship

April 4 in Lomé (Togo), the association Actors for a Solidarity Economy in Togo (APES-Togo) active member of SSE International Forum, has taken a new step in the promotion of cooperative entrepreneurship for women and young people by joining forces with the Italian Federation of Banks of the Crédit Coopératif  (FEDERCASSE).

The signing of this partnership agreement specifies the terms of cooperation between these two actors and will help foster the development of cooperative enterprises members of the APES-Togo network through financial and technical support.

Luisa Morandini, representative of the Italian Federation of Crédit Coopératif Banks, indicates: “the financing that will be granted to APES-Togo [it] will allow to set up a rotation fund to finance the cooperative projects of entrepreneurship of women and young people. As we have seen through the development of cooperative entrepreneurship, we can achieve results in terms of social growth”

More specifically, this three-year agreement, according to Baudouin Kola, President of APES-Togo, “to implement the laboratori program (laboratory for the development of cooperative enterprises and international development) […] to raise awareness among women about cooperative entrepreneurship, [to] ensure the follow-up of women’s activities [and] receive a disbursement of funds to support the Hosanna cooperative, member of the APES-Togo network, a women’s cooperative of Agoe.

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