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MBM 2017’s local partners

As part of the partnership between SSE International Forum and the communities of the French Genevois, a side-event was organized before the 8th Mont Blanc Meetings. Discover it here.


Annemasse Agglo, with its 90 000 inhabitants, is the second agglomeration of Haute-Savoie. Its geographical position also makes it the most important urban center of the French part of Greater Geneva. Annemasse Agglo thus responds to the challenges of a dynamic cross-border territory rapidly changing and imagines the territory of tomorrow: development of transport infrastructures for better mobility and a protected environment; improved access to housing; putting in place concrete measures to preserve the environment sustainably; development of the economy, employment and new neighborhoods to draw the city of tomorrow; deployment of proximity services of quality for its inhabitants (More information on:             

With a strong culture of local and international solidarity, Annemasse Agglo has been able to develop its unique border with Geneva by creating the Cité de la Solidarité Internationale.

The Cité de la Solidarité Internationale offers a range of services designed to accelerate and support the development of international solidarity actors: partnerships with companies and training institutes, professionalisation of actors, support for local presence, communication and the organization of events (More information on:

Communauté de communes du Grand Genevois


Pôle métropolitain du Genevois français

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Communauté de Communes du Genevois

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