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African project leaders, candidate to the Social Business Camp

The Social Business camp is a boost camp for African projects (businesses, NGO, stakeholders …) aiming at addressing a social / environmental issue while reaching financial sustainability. The program is built on a week in Marseille France (first edition from 9 to 13 October 2017) and a digital platform.

Participants to this boost camp will boost their business and inner self, with practical tools and leadership techniques. They will get inspiration from mentors on innovative business models, new financing tools of agile methodology for start up. Built upon promoting collective intelligence, the participants will get fully involved and co create the workshops in a collaborative approach.

Through peers and mentors coaching, they will also get free tips and insights to contribute to their projects and challenges while building up a powerful African social business community. Participants will be asked to follow sessions in English. Entrepreneurs must demonstrate at least 3 years of activity.

The attached application must be completed by the participants and sent before 16 August 2017 to Christel Tambellini (, Isadora Bigourdan ( and Jeanne Henin (

The list of participants will be closed on 29 August 2017.

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