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MBM 2017 – The theme

The efficiency of the SSE is based on another worldview where performance is also qualitative and not only quantitative and monetary. It is thus plural: social, environmental, civic but also economic. SSE efficiency is therefore based on a multi-faceted mobilization for socio-economic development. SSE is building and making visible all these initiatives, formal or informal, citizen, popular, community based, entrepreneurial, that are constructing or reconstructing the local production and consumption networks, and are including these practices in a territorial, economic, social, political and cultural development project.

Efficiency is defined as « anything that produces the expected outcome » (Le Petit Robert). It is therefore necessary to consider the definition of these expectations and those who carry them.

The SSE is a “new efficiency” because it offers the possibility of rethinking “expectations”, deconstructing and re-envisioning agendas. The democratic decision-making is a fundamental element of its efficiency, since it leads to the definition of common expectations on which the outcome is evaluated. The efficiency of the SSE thus refers to its ability to consolidate the conditions of entrepreneurship, to adapt to the needs of members, stakeholders, territories, citizens and create sustainable and inclusive wealth through participation, social cohesion and sharing. Each SSE initiative is a new possibility for communities and people, to define common aspirations and therefore what is efficient. Efficiency could be measured by the ability to meet current needs without compromising the right of future generations to meet their own needs.

We are therefore called upon to demonstrate together through the example of our initiatives that the SSE is effective because:

  • it promotes the empowerment of individuals and communities and the democratization of society;
  • its key drivers are human capital and local resources;
  • it develops economic activities in all sectors: agricultural, industrial, social, commercial, financial, etc.;
  • it animates cultural, community and social life;
  • it creates partnerships for a global response to economic and social challenges.

These three main functions of SSE, namely solidaritydemocracy and economic development, are thus the mainsprings of a lasting transformation of economic and social models.

Through its principles and values, the SSE demonstrates a triple performance that we will focus on during the 8th Mont-Blanc Meetings:

  1. SSE develops entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainable development
  2. SSE puts democracy and participatory governance at the service of a plural efficiency
  3. SSE provides effective and solidarity-based responses to the needs and aspirations of the populations

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