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Expert Group on Social Entrepreneurship (GECES) Meets in Brussels

On April 27, 2017, the Expert Group on Social Entrepreneurship (GECES) held its 12th meeting in Brussels.

The international dimension is the fifth pilar of the strategy for social and solidarity economy of the European Commission. Vice-secretary of the international leading group on SSE, SSE International Forum, represented by its General Manager Anne-France Piteau, was present.

The meeting focused on the follow-up of the general 2016 GECES report and on actions taken by Commission, Member States and social and solidarity economy’s stakeholders.

Indeed, this GECES report is a call for action that argues for a European Action Plan for the Social Economy and Social Enterprises, which would provide new impetus to promote an enabling environment for social enterprises and the social economy to flourish.

Besides, there were discussions on snapshots from recent research and analyses on Social enterprises and Social innovation. A Conference on that theme will be held next 27 – 28 November 2017 in Portugal.