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First Meeting of Territories for SSE in Cameroon

From 25 to 26 January 2017 the first Meeting of Territories for SSE was held in Yaouldé (Camerron).

As part of the initiative “Social Innovation and Decentralization: reinforcing and enhancing synergies between Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and decentralized powers in Cameroon” implemented by the French organization Groupe SOS in collaboration with The International Association of Francophone’s Mayors (AIMF) and local partners such as the NGO France Africa Partnership for Co-Development (PFAC) – a member of SSE International Forum – the Meeting aimed at :

  • Giving thought to the role of decentralized local authorities in the development of SSE and present the Cameroonian’s Mayors’ Network for SSE (REMCESS)
  • Promoting the potential of Social and Solidarity Economy for Cameroon to a wide range of stakeholders ;
  • Enabling the meeting of multisectorial actors to create a framework of dialogue  and partnership to develop appropriate public policies.

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