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Historic recognition of SSE in the New Urban Agenda!

On the occasion of the third United Nations Conference on housing and sustainable urban development (HABITAT III) which took place this week in Quito, Ecuador, the International Leading Group on Social and Solidarity Economy (ILGSSE) brought together on October 17, institutional representatives, Mayors and civil society organizations during a side-event focusing on the central role of social and solidarity economy (SSE) to strategically implement the New Urban Agenda.

>> Watch the video of the event <<<

SSE provides a sustainable response to urban issues that States and local governments are facing, and contributes to transforming cities and urban economies. Generator of innovatory, resilient, human and environmental-friendly solutions, it provides access to equal and equitable employment, sharing of resources and improvement of the participatory democracy of cities through collective and people-centered decision-making processes.

A contribution recognized by the New Urban Agenda which mentions Social and Solidarity Economy for the first time: ““58. [……] We also commit to address the challenges faced by local business communities, through supporting [……] businesses and enterprises in the social and solidarity economy [……]””.

The international leading group welcomes the recognition of SSE in this global agenda and will pursue its original objective of promoting this model at the local, national and international level.

From left to right : Denis Coderre, Daniel Martínez, Célestine Ketcha Courtes, Thierry Jeantet, Emmanuelle Cosse,Jean-Philippe Poulnot, Henry de Cazotte, Myriam Matray


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