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Report on the Social and Solidarity Economy Conference

The Moroccan Network for the Social and Solidarity Economy (REMESS) organized, in collaboration with its partner OXFAM, a national conference to discuss the ins and outs of the legislative and regulatory work of SSE in Morocco. This meeting was an occasion for the vital forces of the civil society to express themselves on the contours of the future law of this economy.

It should be emphasized that in November 2015, the public authorities in charge of the SSE files organized in Skhirat the national forum of SSE where the question of the law was a central point of debate. By organizing the National Conference of the SSE, REMESS wished to initiate a contributory and enlarged consultation by giving the opportunity to several stakeholders and associations to give their views on how the bill could meet the demand for SSE dynamic in the country.

REMESS invites you to return to the report, which contains the exchanges and themes discussed at the National Conference on Social and Solidarity Economy: an alternative to inclusive and sustainable development organized in collaboration with its partner OXFAM.

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