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The International Cooperative Summit 2012

The International Cooperative Summit was held from 8 to 11 October 2012 in Quebec City, Canada. ESS Forum International was present and hosted a luncheon on Thursday, October 11, 2012.

The theme of lunch-debate

Cooperatives, mutual societies, associations, foundations, charities, organization, and other forms of corporate cousins ​​constitute the social and solidarity economy in the world. They respond to innovative and strong common principles: freedom of accession, democratic management, equitable distribution of surpluses, private and collective property, and solidarity.

In the face of the structural crisis in the traditional economic system, what concrete, operational and practical steps can be taken to move towards “sustainable development”, which meets three major objectives: well-being and social integration; respect and redeployment of environments, transparency and democratization of governance?”

Professor Ignacy Sachs, the father of the concept of eco-development, responded during the luncheon / round table moderated by Thierry Jeantet, President of ESSFI (also CEO of Euresa GEIE and Holding, 14 mutuals and insurance cooperatives) and Professor Gérald Larose, Director of ESSFI and President of the Caisse d’Economie Solidaire du Québec / Groupe Desjardins.