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June 26, 2017

Claude Dorion

CEO of MCE Conseils
Coordinator of Développement Solidaire International

“SSE International Forum is a vector for regrouping and recognition of the social and solidarity economy. It brings together stakeholders in an exchange of views on the future of SSE, but also seeks opportunities to co-create concrete projects and operational activities. It is a unique place to demonstrate the contribution of SSE to sustainable, fair and effective social and economic development. It is also a central channel of dialogue to promote the development of SSE development tools.”


Economist, I took part in the foundation of MCE Conseils in 1987. I manage this consulting firm constituted as a non-profit association dedicated to support the development of solidarity economy enterprises on its economics, finance, marketing and governance. I coordinate Développement Solidaire International and I am a member of the board of ESSFI and INAISE. A specialist in strategic planning and development support structures, I have worked in various European, African and Latin American countries.


The social and solidarity economy includes corporately owned enterprises which its purpose is not to maximize their benefits, but to be at the service of their members or the community by affirming their missions in a central and permanent way. Social economy enterprises are different in terms of capitalization, operation, governance and financing. SSE development has been strategy based on support companies in the sector as it recognizes their value as associations that fulfill a clear and relevant social mission, as well as collective enterprises which operate an economic activity efficiently. This sector requires a financing environment that structures, on the one hand, the demand for loanable funds by providing professional technical services and, on the other hand, the supply of the same fund by an additional set of institutions offering different financial products. The Canadian State has played a central role in building this environment, offering fiscal levers regulatory and direct contributions always seeking stimulation of leverage for the financial intervention of civil society, individual investors and the private sector.

MCE Conseils & DSI
SSE actors in Quebec and worldwide

MCE Conseils and DSI are technical support organizations for development of social economy. A team of 20 professionals with more than 300 mandates in the field, who offer business plan services, organizational diagnostics, searching support to specialized financing for collective enterprises. We also support the strengthening of the governance of these organizations. MCE Conseils participated in the main training tools dedicated to ESSE –employment, social and solidarity economy- in Québec, in partnership with the major representative organizations. We have intervened on these issues in fifteen countries


Our action is focused on the maintenance and creation of jobs through the creation of employment, social and solidarity economy- -ESSE- ex nihilo or under conversion mode of private companies into collective enterprises. Our involvement has led the creation of some thirty working cooperatives with a survival rate above 80%, an example of the resilience and success of collective entrepreneurship.