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2nd edition of the Youth’SSE Pan African Forum

The second edition of the Youth’ SSE Pan African Forum took place in Kpalimé, Togo, October 15th to October 21st, 2018

For this second edition, “Actors For an Interdependent Economy in Togo” Association (APES) decided to prolong its project of a Pan African forum bi-annual in order to gather the young African actors and whole world around the eigenvalues with the Social economy and Interdependent such as the division and the will of common construction to enable them to cooperate with the implementation of durable and inclusive projects.

This second edition was divided into 2 parts: a program “IN” and one “OFF”

SSE International Forum, as a partner of the APES, actively supported this intercultural forum which was the occasion to gather more than a hundred of young people, to give them the chance to carry out their potential by taking an active part in African Youth’ SSE Program Co-operation. This program propose formations, calls of projects and candidatures, financings, grants and internships as well as social and professional integration appropriateness’s.

To know more:

Read the forum file here (in French)

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