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Take part in the 8th Mont-Blanc Meetings on 6-7-8 December 2017!

The 8° Mont-Blanc Meetings (MBM) will take place on 6, 7 and 8 December 2017 in Archamps (in the French Geneva region called “Genevois Français”) on the theme “SSE: the new efficiency“, in partnership with local authorities.

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Schedule Place Theme
J-1 : Tuesday 5 December
18h-20h Amphitheatre Hermance Territorial effectiveness/strong>
J1 : Wednesday 6 December
8h00 Entrance Welcome & registration
9h00 Plenary room The efficency of SSE: International context & challenge
10h30 Entrance Coffee break
11h00 Plenary room The efficency of SSE: definitions & opportunities
12h30 Tent Lunch
14h00 Room A Social and solidarity financing at the heart of sustainable development
Room B The democratic governance as a vehicle of plural efficiency
Room C From efficient responses to sustainable impacts: social cohesion, solidarity and inclusion
16h30 Entrance Coffee break
17h30 Plenary room Workshop results
18h15 Focus 1 Project Place – SSE Coaching
19h30 Tent Diner
J2 : Thursday 7 December
9h30 Room A An inclusive, innovative and plural economy – Part 1
Room B Collective action: innovations, synergies and partnership – Part 1
Room C The impact measurement: evaluating differently? – Part 1
10h45 Entrance Coffee break
11h15 Room A An inclusive, innovative and plural economy – Part 2
Room B Collective action: innovations, synergies and partnership – Part 2
Room C The impact measurement: evaluating differently? – Part 2
12h30 Tent Lunch
14h00 Plenary room Workshop results
14h45 The efficiency of the SSE : role and impacts in territorial development
16h15 Entrance Coffee break
16h45 Plenary room Free rein : Presentation of SOS Mediteranean
17h15 Intercontinental perspectives: reciprocal views on the plural efficiency of the SSE
18h15 Focus 2 Project Place – Award ceremony of the call to initiatives
19h30 Tent Diner
J3 : Friday 8 December
9h30 Plenary room The efficiency of the SSE at the core of the SDGs: challenges & perspectives
11h00 Entrance Coffee break
11h30 Plenary room The efficiency of the SSE: raising its voice on the international scene
12h30 Entrance Lunch

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The Mont-Blanc Meetings, it is:


  • Between social and solidarity economy actors from the 5 continents
  • Through plenary sessions, cross perspectives and collaborative workshops
  • To share ideas and good practices
  • ​ And allowing the construction of concrete solutions and prospective reflections



  • An inspiring space open to everyone to co-create projects
  • The possibility to benefit from one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions



  • SSE: Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainable development
  • SSE: Democratic and partnership governance at the service of efficiency
  • SSE: Efficient and sustainable responses to the needs of the populations


SSE International Forum believes in the importance of highlighting the 1001 facets of the efficiency of the social and solidarity economy. For this reason, the associaion launched from june to october 2017 a call for contributions (papers and speakers) and a call for initiatives, rewarding and promoting the co-creation of sustainable and inclusive solutions and innovation.

> discover the contributions to the orientation document “SSE: the new eficiency”

> discover the winners of our call for initiatives : Bread Houses Network, Bourse du carbone scol’ERE et la Coopérative Fédérative des Acteurs Horticoles du Sénégal

If you want to make your social and solidarity economy project more visible, do not hesitate to fill in our form: we will be glad to add it in our 5th Initiatives Report: ″Solutions & Innovations for a new efficiency″.

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